October 2015

Are you a victim of life or living in the fullness God has available for you?

This is one of my most straight-to-the-heart chats that cuts to the core of the happiness we experience, or lack thereof, in life. I’ve been working through a 30 day personal improvement self-created challenge to really get myself to a… Continue Reading →

Easiest carb-free dinner EVER? Yes please!

I don’t even think you’re ready for how amazing, easy, simple and FAST this dinner is. It’s almost ludicrous of me even writing about it, because it going to go so quick. Lol. But get ready. Here you go! Shrimpies… Continue Reading →

[Days 3-5 of 30] How lunges and low carbs are really doing the trick…

I cant’ believe I’m already at the end of Day 5 on my 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge–combining 30 days of a no-sugar eating plan + 30 days of the #miraclemorning personal development regimen. I wanted to respect your inbox… Continue Reading →

[Day 2 of 30] Green Smoothies and Lunges

Kicking off Day 2 of my self-imposed 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge – combining a eating plan (The Whole 30) as well as The Miracle Morning routine. Click the links to learn more and to even get started yourself! Wasn’t… Continue Reading →

It begins today…

It’s never too late to make a change….in your health, business, career, faith, relationships, mindset etc. NEVER. So today, that’s where I begin. Combining two 30 day challenges to jump-start the development of life habits that will lead to greater… Continue Reading →

Pride Cometh Before the Fall…Literally

Not the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen, but VALUABLE lessons have been learned… “Pride cometh before the fall…”Proverbs 16:18. Well I have now lived that in a very literal sense… I went jogging the other day and had a brand… Continue Reading →

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