June 2016

FINAL DAY! Get your free coaching session and June bonuses!

This is it! Last day to claim your free coaching session and June bonuses! Today is such an exciting day–for you and for me! Today I wrap up a 61 Day Summer Slim Down challenge I ran for weight loss… Continue Reading →

Fit+Faith Interview on Community Health Radio Podcast…The EASIEST ways to start making CHANGES for WEIGHT LOSS and HEALTH.

Just recently, I was interviewed on Community Health Radio for Fit+Faith. I discussed some of the quick and easy changes we can all make to help lose weight and start feeling better.  The issues of sugar and fad diets are tackled… Continue Reading →

The message of Hope never runs dry…not for your SOUL and not for your HEALTH!

We can always use a little more HOPE–for our spiritual health and our physical health. Hope always applies. Now typically on Wednesday’s I do a weekly mid-week tips email highlighting one tip for Fitness, Faith and Food. But this week,… Continue Reading →

Becoming your Best Means not Giving Up–God Calls You to More

Life is a journey. It has highs and lows. But through it all God is with you and beckons you to not give up. Throughout the Bible we see many instances of triumphs and struggle, and sometimes the desire to… Continue Reading →

Sign up NOW for the 30 Day VIP Challenge: Kicks off July 1st!

Are you ready to finally lose that unwanted weight? Here’s what we’ve got in store……  GRAND OPENING pricing ends June 30th!

The Perfect Pairing for Balanced Health–Both Inside AND Out…

The perfect balance to meet your needs–inside and out. It’s awesome when things come in pairs. It makes it easy to remember and easy to digest (no pun intended). 😉 Let’s start with the easiest: food. Our bodies function at… Continue Reading →

Sometimes you just need a *break*– give it to God and REST!

We are going 100 miles a minute almost ALL the time… Sometimes we just need a break. A time out. A rest. Two things that help amidst chaos and overwhelm are prayer (aka letting go) and journaling. When we decide… Continue Reading →

When “life” happens…God’s response in tough times

When life gets you down and you feel defeated at every turn… God says I love you. I care about you. About your struggle. Trust me. Love me back. Have faith that I haven’t left you. Ask for my help…. Continue Reading →

His temple–Our responsibility. God’s best design for our bodies

I find it fascinating when I survey people or am doing market research that many Christians have not correlated the call to action for our health as being related to our spiritual life. Perhaps most people do on some level,… Continue Reading →

How to Stop “yo-yoing” and Finally Start Creating Lasting Change!

Practical tips and mindset shifts you need to make to finally stop the “yo-yo” weight loss cycle! Plus if you’d like more info on the 30 Day VIP Challenge #vip30 and the Fit+Faith VIP Membership options, click here! Early-bird discounts… Continue Reading →

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