June 2016

God’s design –> going “against the grain”, taking the road less traveled

God’s design has always been going against the grain, against the majority, the road less taken. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:13-14: “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads… Continue Reading →

God has already provided all you need…

You need it? God’s got it–in more ways than one. The amazing and omnipresent thing about God is that He already knows your needs and has already prepared the answers and solutions–we just haven’t yet caught up with them! God… Continue Reading →

Take heart–God is greater than your struggle, greater than your strife

When life is hard, obstacles seems overwhelming, you can’t see past the current struggle or situation–take heart!¬†God is greater and more powerful than we can imagine. One of my newest favorite recording artists is Blanca, and her words ring in… Continue Reading →

When you’re not proud of your choices you want to throw in the towel…

Life is not always easy. And when the going gets tough it IS easy to forget the good things, forget our progress, forget that we’re “human,” get derailed, beat ourselves up mentally and turn on ourselves with nasty self-talk. Why… Continue Reading →

God has given you dreams–visions–aspirations. Glimpses of His work played out in your life–of your potential.

  So what are you going to do about it? Have you ever heard the saying, “God helps those who help themselves?” Let’s think about this for a second—then ask 1) is it true? And 2) is that statement supported… Continue Reading →

“In Christ alone my hope is found…”

  I love how God speaks to us through songs and how our bodies and souls are so integrated to respond to music. Given that my name is Melody, it would be easy to surmise that I am musically inclined… Continue Reading →

Stronger Women Are Leaders–[New Published Article]

In my quest to connect with like-minded businesses, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and publications that are like me–merging their Christianity with their brand–I was thrilled when I learned that an article I submitted for Faith and Fitness Magazine was recently published!… Continue Reading →

The fallacy about Fear…have you been tricked too?

The heart-breaking truth is that every day tragedies happen. Around the globe, in our neighborhoods, and even directly to us. And what are most people’s gut-check responses? Fear. Hate. Revenge. Discord. Violence. Distrust. Do any of these responses ultimately solve… Continue Reading →

Like George Michael says, “Cause you gotta have faith faith faith…”

  George Michael’s catchy tune popped into my head today and I couldn’t shake it! Lol “Cause I gotta have faith faith faith, I gotta have fa-aith….” Even though in his song he’s not specifically talking about a religious faith,… Continue Reading →

How the voice in your head is MAKING or BREAKING you

We’ve all head of self-talk, but how hard are you trying to put yours in check? And how are we REALLY supposed to change years of thoughts, input, ingrained sayings, family patterns, habits and messages from the world around us…how… Continue Reading →

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