November 2016

I’M FRUSTRATED–with myself! The right and wrong ways to deal with it.

Ugh!! Why did I do that AGAIN?!? I’m so frustrated! Why do we do continue to do things that make us feel icky inside and like a fat blob?! I know I’m being a little graphic, but it’s the truth!!… Continue Reading →

Finding Your Peace Amidst A Divided Country

Whew! A very historic Election Day is over! But did it rob your peace? More specifically, have you ALLOWED it to rob your peace? Big difference. Regardless of who you voted for or how you feel about the current state… Continue Reading →

The role of JOY in our health…and on the scale.

We have so many coping mechanisms when we begin to be unhappy. When we begin to lose what makes us happy, what makes us tick on the inside. When we ultimately lose our joy. We turn to food and/or alcohol,… Continue Reading →

The Art of Discipline: Why it’s the key to achieving ANY goal

Discipline. Not a word we typically like. It conjures negative thoughts like hard work, time and effort, inconvenience, struggle. But it is the key to your success. Which successes, you ask? EVERY success. And I’m learning this the hard way,… Continue Reading →

Toxic Influences – Why we stay and how to get out.

My heart broke when I recently heard my friend say she was staying in a toxic and unhappy relationship because she was “so financially tied to him” she “didn’t have a choice.” I was saddened because she felt she had… Continue Reading →

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