When everyone else seems to be losing weight but “I can’t!”

3 Action Steps to Break the Cycle! When you feel like everywhere you look people are losing weight left and right and you feel something is wrong with YOU. (I promise there’s not.)   Start taking action on those 3… Continue Reading →

you are SO MUCH MORE than a number on a scale…

You are SO MUCH MORE than a number on a scale. It’s time to take an integrative approach.  One of the biggest reasons I see women fail in their weight loss or health efforts is by being too narrow minded… Continue Reading →


What would happen if you truly let LOVE take over you life? I mean fully take over your MIND, BODY and SOUL?! It would be TRANSFORMING! Right?!?! Well that’s what I’m here to help you do! And I can’t keep… Continue Reading →

Weight loss that WILL and WON’T work…

  There’s ONE KEY element to know if your weight loss plan will work, even BEFORE you get started. There are literally HUNDREDS of options when you’re choosing a plan or path to follow for successful weight loss. Some are… Continue Reading →

How to NOT become a New Year’s Resolution “statistic”

Statistically speaking, today’s the day 40% of people give up their New Year’s Resolutions! Have you already fallen prey to the 92% who ultimately give up their resolutions? Or are you still hanging on? And if you’re still hanging on,… Continue Reading →

Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Succeed – You Must Have The “C” Word

Most of us have made Resolutions for 2017, but will you succeed or fall short? I want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success and not fall victim to the 92% of others who will eventually fall… Continue Reading →

Losing 10 pounds in 5 days — the HEALTHY way. Here’s what happened…

It sounds too good to be true right? It’s not! Here’s Meghan’s story and what we did to get her that terrific result — with ease. Grab your pen and paper to take notes — not only do I share… Continue Reading →

I’M FRUSTRATED–with myself! The right and wrong ways to deal with it.

Ugh!! Why did I do that AGAIN?!? I’m so frustrated! Why do we do continue to do things that make us feel icky inside and like a fat blob?! I know I’m being a little graphic, but it’s the truth!!… Continue Reading →

The role of JOY in our health…and on the scale.

We have so many coping mechanisms when we begin to be unhappy. When we begin to lose what makes us happy, what makes us tick on the inside. When we ultimately lose our joy. We turn to food and/or alcohol,… Continue Reading →

Our Faith + Our Health. How completely interconnected they are…

I’m coming down from a beautiful heart-awakening women’s retreat this past weekend and letting the new truths and self-discovery settle in and NOT be forgotten. It’s so easy to have “moments” of insight, but to quickly get back into the… Continue Reading →

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