I cant’ believe I’m already at the end of Day 5 on my 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge–combining 30 days of a no-sugar eating plan + 30 days of the #miraclemorning personal development regimen.

I wanted to respect your inbox and not blast it every single day, but I’m still going strong over here and am excited to share with you some great tips and insights that you can benefit from too!

Being a Doctor of Physical Therapy I decided that since I’m doing daily exercise as part of the #miraclemorning routine anyway, I might as well demonstrate certain techniques and how to do things correctly and incorrectly at home, to make it extra useful to you!

Here are the links to the daily videos I’ve made:

Just these 5 days that have gone by my legs are sore (in a good I-worked-them-out kinda way) which is great, and I can already tell I’m losing some bloating from taking out the carbs and added sugar (only sugar comes from a little fruit each day).

What’s so great is that when I do eat the fruit (typically in my morning smoothie, or frozen red grapes for dessert) the sweetness is heightened more than ever and it tastes great! Because I’m not masking my tastebuds throughout the day with sugar that I’m not even aware of! I now have even gotten used to not adding sweetner to my iced teas or americanos – that was a big one for me.

I’m beginning to appreciate the natural tastes of things – without being clouded by sugar and additives. *Score!*

Have a great weekend and if you’re interested in starting the Whole30 eating plan, or the Miracle Morning regimen, let me know and we can help each other out and keep each other accountable!


P.S. By the way last night I made this AMAZING sauteed shrimp with yellow and green squash noodles. Yum! I’m putting that recipe and post together soon, so keep an eye out. Soooo yummy and ridiculously EASY!