It’s so easy to get caught up in the coming holiday season that we forget the importance of taking time for ourselves, let alone quality time with God.

I wrapped up a personal 30 day self-improvement challenge almost 2 weeks ago. My goal was not only weight loss (Goal: lose 10 pound;. Result: 9.5 pounds lost!) but also a commitment to developing personal habits for a morning routine as well as an eating cleanse to break my sugar addiction.

It was very successful and I posted daily videos to my Facebook page documenting daily exercises, tips or insights as I went through that journey. (Btw I share ongoing encouragement, tips and discussion in my free Facebook community, Worthy to Be Me. I’d love you to be a part of it and join here).

What I learned is how important it is for our personal well being to have habits and routines in place that regularly allow for the nurturing of our spirits and psyche, but also regular intentional daily time with God. Being a Christian I actively talk to God and pray all throughout the day, but I had not set in place regular time for reflection, quiet time and dialoguing with God without multi-tasking or other distractions.

In the few weeks that have followed I’ve found that if that daily time is no longer nurtured or attended to daily, I feel more disconnected and ungrounded. I feel as though something is missing, and I’m glad I feel this way because it means my goals for the 30 day personal challenge worked. They’re successfully created a routine that fed my soul, spirit, dreams and provided an outlet for intentional “me” time outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life…let alone the craziness that is on it’s way the closer we get to Christmas.

Currently I’ve just taken a 2 day road trip from California to New Mexico and am thrilled for almost 10 days of family time! But in just the few days of schedules being different, not having my regular snacks and healthy meals lined up, sleeping in different beds, time zone changes etc. I’ve really been more affected from this shift in my “new normal” I had just created only 2 weeks prior, and the effects were surprisingly challenging.

Not just challenging to continue to carve out the time for my newly created routines and habits, but challenging on an emotional level of how I felt internally from not having that precious time of cultivating my thoughts, productivity and intentional quiet time with God.

I was journaling yesterday after at least 3 days of missing it, and the realization came to me that not only was I missing the emotional and energetic outlet to feel my best, or at least to feel more like myself while in a different environment, but I realized that no matter what life brings us we MUST have our identity in Christ.

This is a MUST that if we do not realize how God views us and his unending love and admiration for us as His children, we will NEVER be satisfied in this life. We will always be looking for acceptance in the eyes of our peers, family, friends, co-workers, society and the like. This ultimately leads to feeling inadequate, lonely, unwanted, invaluable and leads us in a never-ending quest for perfection and acceptance that we will never fully gain.

In the eyes of our Savior, Jesus, we are already enough. We are already beautiful, loved, talented, gifted, treasured and precious. No matter what we do, say, create or become, we will never be more valuable, more loveable, more worthy of God’s love. He already loves us to the highest degree imaginable….exactly as we are!

Right now. This moment. Yesterday. Before you were born! As we begin to realize the immensity of our value in the eyes of God, we truly are “more than conquerors” as the apostle Paul writes.

Praise be to God who loves us more than we can imagine and nothing we can say or do can make Him love us more! So stop trying to please Him, others or yourself in a quest for perfection that is unnecessary to obtain. Yes it’s good to feel good about ourselves, both inside and out, and to treat ourselves and others with respect, but even before you pursue that, God already loves you.

Let that sink in and encourage you. God’s love already proves how amazing you are. <3


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