Have you ever had one of those moments that you heard something that was so powerful it wouldn’t leave you?

That happened to me about a week ago.  A fellow entrepreneur and health coach shared with me one of her favorite statements that hit me at the core. She said,

“The authentic self has no need for excess weight.”


I felt like a light-bulb had flicked on in my head and an awakening happened inside my belly. I love constantly learning and growing. Realizing we don’t know it all, and we shouldn’t. The beauty in life, friendships and relationships is that we glean from other’s knowledge and experiences, if it we choose to be open to change.

And even though when my friend said this, it wasn’t directly meant for coaching or schooling me, it was just a comment in passing, but to me it was so powerful!

I’ve adapted it in my own way for what feels super meaningful to me:


And what I mean by extra baggage is still in reference to excess weight, but actually it can be meant for all areas of life. That when we are truly fulfilled, living our calling and serving and loving others, we don’t need fillers, distractions, idleness, mindless time-wasters.

>>Final Thought: When you’re living a truly fulfilled life, you have everything you need, and your body performs naturally at its highest level. It sheds extra weight and craves healthy fuel (i.e. food) and activity. To me that’s such a powerful mental shift. I hope it inspires you, as it did me. And not to make you feel like your life isn’t good or valuable, but to help you reflect on any areas that you may feel are not in congruence with the feeling of true fulfillment.

And if you find some, the next question is, are you brave enough to start making a change? To move forward to create the life that is fulfilling on a soul-level, in every area.
You’re worth it.

Have a beautiful day. 😉

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

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