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I find it fascinating when I survey people or am doing market research that many Christians have not correlated the call to action for our health as being related to our spiritual life.

Perhaps most people do on some level, but not as a daily intentional aspect of how they live their lives and how they care for their bodies. And how much differently would they look and feel if they did!

Our society makes it so easy to pack on the pounds and go down the sugar-induced-coma-lethargy cycle and we wonder why we’re always tired, sluggish and unhappily overweight.

As Christians, if we decided to take the command seriously to treat our bodies as the personal and holy temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), how much would that change our actions–and thus our outcomes?!

>> Final thought: I encourage you today to evaluate how sacredly are you treating God’s temple? Is it thriving with energy, enthusiasm and love, or is it weighed down, tired and unhappy? That simple mental switch can be the catalyst to drive your actions toward creating a healthier and more vibrant body on the outside, which inevitably creates a happier, healthier you on the inside.

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

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