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You are going to love this story. Have you ever known in your gut that something awesome was about to happen? Or thought of something cool and very soon after it actually came to pass? That is what this is all about.

I wish I could remember the exact moment I knew I would be friends with Tim Tebow, but it probably became very evident to me about a year ago.

I had loved watching Tim’s pro-football career and transition into sports casting and had been inspired for years by his life, authenticity, and out-spoken nature of being Sold Out for God.

Now, on a slight yet still relevant tangent, I should preface that one of my most favorite charities of all time is called Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) and I fell in love with them during physical therapy school, as one of my professors was helping to develop the low-cost wheelchairs they produce to distribute to the disabled around the world in 3rd world countries.

A PERFECT fit for a beautiful cause that fit my passion and educational training, all rolled into one!

Well fast forward 8 and a half years and it turns out that Tim will be the featured speaker at the annual fundraiser for FWM next week in Orange County, CA! Just an hour and a half up the road from where I live in San Diego! So clearly I’ve bought my tickets and will be there!

So wouldn’t you know it-THIS is when and how it will take place: My becoming friends with Tim Tebow!

Now wait a second! You said in the title that you were ALREADY friends!?
Well, yes and no….I said how I became friends with Tim.

And how can I be so sure that we will actually become friends?
Aren’t I being a bit arrogant or conceited thinking I can predict the future?

Well what I’ve learned so far from my life experience is that I’ve tuned into my own intuition. The small voice and nudge in my head and my heart when something special is coming to pass. And what I’ve seen in more ways than not is that God brings to pass that which we believe in faith. And what I know even more so is the POWER we hold in our thoughts, feelings and words.

When God said he created us in his own image, and that when we become believers His power is INSIDE of us…well I truly believe that! And not only do I believe it, but I’ve experienced it and SEEN it time and time again–play out into reality.

So if you don’t think our thoughts, words, actions, intentions or faith really matter or that they actually hold the power the Bible says they do…well then you’re missing out on living an INCREDIBLE life!

>>Final Thought: I can’t wait to tell you how the real life events unfold of what I already know is happening next Thursday, July 28th.—As I begin the journey of becoming friends with Tim Tebow. 😉

Don’t be ashamed or timid to be bold in your faith, bold in your convictions and bold in knowing God is FOR you, not against you!

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

P.S. Wanna hear more about how this story unfolds? Link up with me online as I’ll be posting more about it and of course ON the night of the event next week–all happening in my private FB group. Join me now!