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Not again…I was determined! I was dedicated! I was FINALLY making progress! And what did I do?

I screwed it up. I self-sabotaged. I intentionally tried to mess it up!

Can you relate? I see this pattern as I start to make progress in my weight loss goals, and my better judgement gets pushed aside by the temporary desire for a guilty pleasure! And I’m not saying that treating yourself every once in a while is a bad thing or something “wrong” but when it comes as a direct reaction to making progress, that’s where the problem lies.

But here’s the good news–for me AND for you–Not losing the battle in our minds is what really matters.

Knowing we WILL eventually achieve our goals is how the minor setbacks lose their power. The occasional indulgence (or blueberry scone in my case) cannot undo the other 95% of effort we’ve been putting in. It may delay the outcome, but it will not reverse it.

>>Final thought: Next time we catch ourselves about to self-sabotage when we’ve been making such good progress–give grace to our heart and mind. Know that God loves us no matter what, but if we’re still committed to our goal, then have faith it will be achieved in the end.

One set-back does not negate your destiny.

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

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Life is best lived to the fullest–You’re worth it!