One of the things I hear and deal with the most when it comes to helping clients (and myself) to overcome is personal self-sabotage.

There are many reasons why we do it – if we dare to look that deep inside – but regardless of the underlying WHY, I’ve found an easy and effective way to begin to recognize it sooner, and train your brain to prevent it from happening again.

In last night’s live call I led you step-by-step into:

  • How you identify the first sign of impending sabotage
  • How you identify the specific food, circumstances and feelings associated with your actions
  • How you rewind and replay the scenario to produce a different outcome
  • How you tap into using the power of visualization for success
  • And how to create a personal affirmation to set you up for success at the next tempting encounter.

You can find it all in my recording from last night’s call and go through the steps as I guide you.

Plus I give you info on:

-Easy grab-and-go snacks when you’re on the run

-Exciting upcoming Fit+Faith events and online program possibilities

-How to get a free strategy session with me

-AND- prayer requests and ending the call in prayer.

I think you’ll love these great insights to prevent self-sabotage and everything else that’s packed inside. Download the recording here.

We get right to work, so have a pen and paper handy. 😉

Enjoy, and I look forward to having you on the next one! 🙂


P.S. I’ve opened up just 5 slots for a free strategy session to help you hash out any road blocks or stuck areas of your health. To apply for one of the slots, simply apply here.

There’s only 5 slots available for everyone live on the call last night plus those reading this today, so submit your application right away to snag your spot. Good luck!