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One step closer. One action and one day at a time. ‪#‎justkeepswimming‬

That’s how you achieve your goal.
That’s how you cross the finish line.
That’s how you look back to be proud of how far you’ve come.

This applies in ALL areas: personal, business, health, financial, emotional, spiritual, relational etc.

But when it comes to your health (weight loss, habit creation, lifestyle change) THIS is the perspective you need to have.

One decision, one action, one step in the right direction, day by day–in the end landing you at your goal with so much progress and change that you CANNOT go back. It’s impossible.

You’re different.
You’re new.
You’ve changed–for the better.

Your hard-wiring has been reconfigured because you’ve put in the WORK.
You’ve been dedicated.
You’ve persevered.
You’ve made the tough choices–time and time again until they became commonplace.


I’m sharing this with you because this is that path that I’m on in MY business and health-journey, and I’m humbled and grateful to be leading others on theirs as well.
Seeing their shifts and changes and wins right in front of my eyes. And it’s BEAUTIFUL and HUMBLING and INSPIRING all at the same time.
So it’s expanding.
I’M expanding.
My business and influence is expanding.
And God is leading the way.
>> Next up: Live events for women’s groups and churches. A dream I’ve had for quite awhile now, finally coming to fruition. Interactive and immersive 1-day retreats to re-energize your health AND connection with God. Each person will leave with a personalized ACTION PLAN fo their health: meal planning, exercise routines, nutrition savvy and clear goals.
And revitalization of their faith–leaving burdens, worries and baggage at the feet of Jesus to step into a NEW DAY filled with love, acceptance, and grace to fully embody who He created us to be.
Introducing Health & Hope 1-Day Women’s Retreats.
If you think this type of experience would be unique and fun for your women’s group or church, click the link to fill out the inquiry form to get more information about having a 1-day retreat for YOUR women’s small group or church. Now booking dates for Fall & Winter 2016.
Learn More Here –>
Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody