I love technology. I love books. I love my Kindle. I love my phone apps. But above all else, I love my Bible.

Ever heard this children’s song?

The B-I-B-L-E. Yes that’s the book for me!

I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E!

So funny to reminisce when that song just popped into my head! But as much as technology has advanced with e-readers, reading articles on your computer or with apps on your phone, there’s just nothing like a good printed book…especially THE “Good Book.”

Over the years I’ve lost touch with reading my physical Bible, and although I see it almost every day on my nightstand next to my bed, picking it up and reading in it instead of my Bible app on my phone, is almost foreign!

Btw, I LOVE my Bible app, and if you don’t have one, I recommend the YouVersion app. It’s so incredible with countless translations and reading plans and so easy to use. (just a little side endorsement for a second) ­čśë

But something feels like it’s missing when you can’t run your fingers over a page. Bibles seems to have the thinnest, most unique paper. I wonder what the weight is…but I digress. I’m sure it has to be thin to fit over 2500┬ápages in one manageable size, but there’s just nothing like it.

When I picked up my Bible tonight (confession: haven’t physically┬áopened it for over a year maybe?) and flipped it open, it’s like 15 years of memories came flooding back across the pages.

Actually, I’ve had this Bible for almost exactly 15 years, as this one was a High School graduation gift from my church. In the picture, notice the engraved name…my maiden name now. Lol

hello old friend

I’ve had this beauty through my college years at Point Loma Nazarene Univ. in San Diego, through getting married and moving all over southern California, through grad school and eventually moving back to San Diego to open my own business.

I might not pick it up and read from it on a daily basis like I might like, but it’s always been there. A steadfast reminder of God’s presence in my daily life – all of ours.

As I leaf through it’s a crazy time warp with highlights and notes from various speakers, sermons, teachers, events, classes and personal insights. What a treasure and a special trip down memory lane!

If you don’t have a physical paperback or hard cover version of a Bible in your possession, then treat yourself ASAP! There are so many themed Bible’s nowadays for any age group, gender specific, study Bible’s, commentaries, various translations to suit your reading style and the list goes on.

Why not grab a piece of 2000+ year old history to have in your home. Let alone the only book that lives and breaths truth into our lives even to this day, and all the days to come until Jesus returns.

But if you don’t have an actual Bible in possession, then a Bible app on your phone or tablet is the next best thing. ­čÖé

Whatever way works best for you to start digging in, learning, reading, questioning, growing and┬áLIVING┬ádaily in the Word of God. Get to it! ­čśë