Lessons in Faith from my entertainment audition in L.A.

This weekend I had an incredible lesson in following your dreams and the tuggings of your heart. The things that will never leave you no matter how much time goes by — because God put them there! Lessons in Faith!… Continue Reading →

When God is at work and you feel CRAZY!!! (You’re not alone!)

Have you ever felt like that? When you know God is at work and BIG things are happening but you feel even CRAZIER than normal?! That’s where I’ve been lately. So many things changing. God working in me and on… Continue Reading →

How lack of Gratitude is stealing your Joy–How to get it back!

It may sound cliche’, but do you have an Attitude of Gratitude? I’m finally home in San Diego after a week of busy traveling and I went back to back from 4 days in Texas for a personal growth conference,… Continue Reading →

A historic day today — And God has never left the throne!

Whether you’re excited or scared on this historical Inauguration day… I wanted to bring to you a beautiful passage in the Bible to help remind us that God is always, and has always been, in control. Our trust is to… Continue Reading →

Lessons about God–from my CAT (you’ve gotta hear this!)

Ok, hear me out on this one. I know the title was a little “cheeky”but it was meant to be! But it doesn’t make my experience at the Vet yesterday any less valid… So yesterday I had to take my… Continue Reading →

The message of Hope never runs dry…not for your SOUL and not for your HEALTH!

We can always use a little more HOPE–for our spiritual health and our physical health. Hope always applies. Now typically on Wednesday’s I do a weekly mid-week tips email highlighting one tip for Fitness, Faith and Food. But this week,… Continue Reading →

Sometimes you just need a *break*– give it to God and REST!

We are going 100 miles a minute almost ALL the time… Sometimes we just need a break. A time out. A rest. Two things that help amidst chaos and overwhelm are prayer (aka letting go) and journaling. When we decide… Continue Reading →

His temple–Our responsibility. God’s best design for our bodies

I find it fascinating when I survey people or am doing market research that many Christians have not correlated the call to action for our health as being related to our spiritual life. Perhaps most people do on some level,… Continue Reading →

God has already provided all you need…

You need it? God’s got it–in more ways than one. The amazing and omnipresent thing about God is that He already knows your needs and has already prepared the answers and solutions–we just haven’t yet caught up with them! God… Continue Reading →

Take heart–God is greater than your struggle, greater than your strife

When life is hard, obstacles seems overwhelming, you can’t see past the current struggle or situation–take heart!¬†God is greater and more powerful than we can imagine. One of my newest favorite recording artists is Blanca, and her words ring in… Continue Reading →

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