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What a pain in the butt!! (Literally) How to treat Sciatica at home…

Shooting, cramping, stinging, electric pain in the butt! And sometimes down your leg. Let me introduce you to sciatica. If you’re lucky enough to have never been in its grips, good for you!! But chances are you’ve heard others talk… Continue Reading →

Black Friday Fit+Faith Bonus–4 Days Only!

I hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving yesterday. We are surrounded by things to be thankful for, especially living in the United States, but sometimes we need to take the time to take a step back to see… Continue Reading →

[Days 3-5 of 30] How lunges and low carbs are really doing the trick…

I cant’ believe I’m already at the end of Day 5 on my 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge–combining 30 days of a no-sugar eating plan + 30 days of the #miraclemorning personal development regimen. I wanted to respect your inbox… Continue Reading →

[Day 2 of 30] Green Smoothies and Lunges

Kicking off Day 2 of my self-imposed 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge – combining a eating plan (The Whole 30) as well as The Miracle Morning routine. Click the links to learn more and to even get started yourself! Wasn’t… Continue Reading →

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