Sunday afternoon, shopping list in hand, errands needing to be done, time is quickly going by, gotta get out the door.

Get into my car…and it won’t start. Confusion.
Who do I call? AAA? My husband? Find a neighbor for a jump? Stress.
Finally ask a neighbor I’ve never met, but no jumper cables. Disappointment.

Ask another neighbor–success! Jump the car. But nothing. Frustration.
Amazingly my neighbor knew how to remove the battery and was generous enough to drive me to the auto parts store to get a new one.
We return home confident we have the answer, and I’m happy to only be an hour behind on running my errands. The end is in sight!

Replace the battery. Still no ignition. What??! Double frustration.
Guess I’ll have to call the tow company and get it towed first thing Monday morning. Added stress about unexpected expenses for a new battery and potentially hundreds of more dollars at the repair shop. Let alone I’ll have to rearrange my patients and appointments. Annoyed.

But as I sat back to replay the events of the day, what good would any of those negative emotions do me? Only add to my level of anxiety, stress, worry and doubt. Who does that serve? How does that make me more productive? It doesn’t. In fact, it detracts from my ability to think clearly, be thankful, to see the flip side and make the situation better in whatever ways are in my control.

I chose to very quickly get out of negative emotions and to problem solve.

If I couldn’t drive to the stores I wanted to, I was within quick walking distance of alternate stores to get the basics I needed. Realizing this was my best and only solution, I chose to enjoy the time on my walk because it gave me more one-on-one time with my thoughts, to talk to God and to use that time as an added bonus to my day, get some exercise and to raise my spirits.

If I had to rearrange tomorrow’s schedule and I had to move my patient appointments around, that actually gave me more free time to work on things I have not had time to attend to (such as writing this post and planning future offers and programs in my business).

If we had to spend extra money on car services what good would stressing over it be? I had no control over the outcome, the price or the time it would take, so no use worrying until I had concrete data to work with. And in the end, I could use the car expenses as a tax write-off for my business because I use my vehicle primarily for work.

Feeling good about the solutions I came up with and nothing more I can do. Off to bed.

So this morning, the plan ensues. Call the tow truck company and they’re estimated to take almost 90 minutes to get to me. Bummer, but nothing I can do about it. But I get a call within 10 minutes that they’ll be there in 15 minutes. Awesome! Already ahead of schedule.

As the tow truck man is loading up my car, he comments that a blinking light on my alarm system (which I never use) could indicate that the alarm is triggered and possibly disabling the car from starting. “But I haven’t use that alarm in over a year and I have no idea what the codes are!” I feel perplexed, but with a glimmer of hope.

Call the car dealership and ask how to reset the alarm. Follow the instructions and the car starts right up! Just as the tow truck was about to haul my car away, I’m able to get it restarted and no longer have to take it to the auto body shop for diagnostics. Hooray!

Therefore the only money we had to pay was for a new battery, and the insurance covers our use of the tow truck. I didn’t end up needing to cancel or reschedule any of my patients because all was said and done before 9am! And thanks to a willing and generous neighbor we were able to handle removing and replacing a new battery yesterday without paying anyone to do it for us.

So what good would any of my stress, frustration and anger have done anyone or anything?
All it would have done was consume my energy, thoughts and outlook on the rest of the day. Most likely leading to less restful sleep leaving me tired and groggy in the morning and already starting my day off on the wrong foot.

Here’s the point. When you choose to be THANKFUL for every situation, whether it’s perceived to be good or bad, you no longer rob yourself of joy and a sense of security.

The only part you’re in control of is your thoughts and emotions.

The sooner you can switch from negative to positive, you see the opportunities that were then created (i.e. my quiet time during my walk and the added bonus of getting more exercise) and you’re able to be thankful in all things (i.e. the fact that my neighbor so willingly helped me, that the tow truck came early, that I was able to troubleshoot the problem before going to the car repair shop, I didn’t have to cancel my patients etc.)

The next time you’re faced with a circumstance that you were not prepared for or you feel is an inconvenience to you, flip your perspective and wait to see what new opportunities arise from it. Keep yourself level-headed so you don’t suffer the unnecessary consequences of stress–all of which is being created and held in your mind.

You are the master and controller of your mind. Not the other way around. Take control of the things which are in your control. Not the things you’re allowing to steal your peace and that you cannot change.

~Dr. Melody

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P.S. Thinking about the stresses and unpredictable nature of the holiday season, it can be the perfect storm for a whole miriad of negative emotions–they can be cause by many factors outside of your control. Christmas shopping, crowded malls, difficult family members, unmet expectations, too many obligations and the list goes on.

It’s in these more stressful times that having someone in your corner can do you the most good. A sounding board. A clear and calming voice. Someone to see the sides you cannot and who can help you navigate and be more in control.

Instead of turning to unhealthy food or poor coping mechanisms that do more harm than good, I’d like you to consider having your own personal coach. I’m opening additional slots for the next 8 weeks (Christmas is only 8 weeks from now!) and can help you with 1:1 coaching packages for 4, 6 or 8 weekly sessions to help you through this holiday season more smoothly and clear headed than you’ve been in years.

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