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I found myself turning to food to comfort me in my time of anxiety and worry. But I knew that wasn’t the answer.

Have you ever been there? I’ve been finding myself there a few times lately, but I’m so glad I’m starting to become more aware of it so I can recognize it and divert to a different (non-food) method of dealing with it.

And I must admit. I’m not always 100% successful. But I’m getting there. And awareness and naming the emotions underlying those feelings is key.

Here’s a few tips next time you find yourself in the “comfort food” struggle, when you know you’re not actually hungry, it’s something deeper.

  1. Identify the triggering situation or circumstance at the root of the cause.
  2. Name the exact feelings underlying that desire to eat, when you know you’re not hungry, or you know food is not the solution.
  3. Journal your heart out. In times of great internal debate and unrest, one of the best things you can do is journal and pray. But journaling can be a form of prayer if you choose to write out what you’re feeling in a letter to God.
  4. List alternative non-food ways you can deal with the situation and why you’re having those feelings in the first place. (hint: exercise is a GREAT option.)
  5. Spend time in prayer giving those burdens, concerns, worries, uneasiness and anxieties (and anything else you need to) over to God. Share with him why you’re concerned and have been holding onto these feelings, and give them to God and ask for his help to solve the problem and/or to fill you wiht his peace that passes all understanding so you may liberate your mind from the things that are weighing you down.
  6. And lastly, write an action plan for how you will deal with the same scenario if/when it happens again and what non-food actions you will take to begin creating new default responses that don’t add to your waistline and guilt, disappointment or shame, and instead are healthier ways to deal with the stresses in life.

>>Final Thought: We know that food is not the answer when we’re eating to fill a different void that we don’t want to acknowledge. But the freedom from this detrimental pattern is in the acknowledgement. Next time you’re tempted to soothe your soul with sweets or salty treats when you KNOW you’re not hungry, work your way through these 6 steps and ultimately turn your situation over to God. He is waiting for you to lay it at his feet and give you relief.

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

P.S. I’ve found it supremely therapeutic and helpful when I’m working on my own health and weight goals to surround myself with other girlfriends doing the same, who can relate and not place blame or shame when they hear of my not-so-perfect choices sometimes. Being able to be candid, supportive, honest and vulnerable is so healing and therapeutic to keep the momentum and drive toward your goals alive.

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