There’s ONE KEY element to know if your weight loss plan will work, even BEFORE you get started.

There are literally HUNDREDS of options when you’re choosing a plan or path to follow for successful weight loss. Some are more viable and successful than others, but regardless, there are many options that can get you to the same goal.

And most likely, you’ve already tried a few, heck, maybe even dozens with mild or temporary success. But I wanted to encourage you today with a different perspective. One that has nothing to do with rules or restrictions or guidelines.

Often times when someone decides to embark upon a specific set of rules or eating guidelines, they are making A LOT of changes at once. To the point where their long-term success rate is low because it’s so hard to maintain all of these changes over any significant length of time.

They bring chaos, confusion, and ultimately STRESS when someone is trying to bring so many radical changes to their daily life out of the blue. When weight loss is laden with STRESS, Honey, it’s not gonna work!

So the KEY ELEMENT when you’re looking to make changes and follow one plan over the another is look at it through new eyes. Through the lenses of sustainability and stress.

Evaluate how radical the changes are going to be from your current status quo. How much stress are they going to bring to your current lifestyle? Think of making smaller changes over time. Then once those are easy you can add a few more in until you’ve cultivated new patterns and habits of health into your routine. I highly advise against attempting change everything at once which will NOT give you the long-term results you desire.

This approach leads to quitting, then to feeling like a failure (once again!) then to self-loathing and ultimately to overeating and reversing your progress. See the cycle?

I hope this new approach or new way of screening any “diets” or plans you’re wanting to follow helps to set you up for success in a different way than you’ve tried before. Remember, long-term weight loss and health changes are like a marathon, not a sprint. You need to have that long-term mindset and a firm grasp of reality to keep you going. Sending you love!

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

P.S. If you’re frustrated and scared of continuing the cycle of dieting “ups and downs” and feel there’s a missing piece you haven’t found, then having a coach could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Regardless of what path you choose to lose weight, I can help you go deeper into what has REALLY been stopping or thwarting your best efforts for change. The those things are hard to discover and move past without a firm and supporting guide.

Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with me today. Let’s take you to that next level of success.