What a night. There are so many broken hearts. How do we handle this pain?

I almost never watch the news, and I barely hear about things everyone else has been talking about until way after fact, if at all. But in wake of yesterday’s events in Dallas, it was all over social media and I finally caught up on what had been transpiring over the past weeks in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge.

How do we process this information of hate and retaliation? How do we see a just God in the midst of this crisis?

In times of great strife, heartache and injustice (that unfortunately transpire every day, all over the world) it’s hard to see God at work, or even present at all. But we know He’s there.

The Bible tells us God is omnipresent–present at all places, at all times–so the questions arise of why doesn’t he prevent tragedies, and why does he let certain things happen?

We may never get the answers this side of Heaven, but we can lean God’s promises that He will avenge the unjust, He will have the ultimate ruling when we get to Heaven. He collects each of our tears and hears our cries when words cannot express our grief or our pain.

He loves us beyond measure and His ways are not our ways. We cannot always see His plan or how He’s moving, but we can ask for His peace that passes all understanding and act in faith that He is who He says He is.

>>Final Thought: Let us not respond with hatred, disdain, fear or retaliation–not with our actions and not in our hearts. Let us cling to the message of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness that we’re called to, and let us release the judgement to God.

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

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