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Turning to food when you’re stressed, tired, anxious, or sad? Yeah me too–but here’s a few tips to help…

I found myself turning to food to comfort me in my time of anxiety and worry. But I knew that wasn’t the answer. Have you ever been there? I’ve been finding myself there a few times lately, but I’m so… Continue Reading →

I got asked if I was pregnant–And I’m not. How I dealt with it and what I’ve already DONE in response.

Has that ever happened to you? Being asked if you were pregnant when you’re not? It’s not a great experience. But this time was different… The best way to share with you the full scoop is to give you access… Continue Reading →

I self-sabotaged……Again!…(that was me….YESTERDAY!)

Not again…I was determined! I was dedicated! I was FINALLY making progress! And what did I do? I screwed it up. I self-sabotaged. I intentionally tried to mess it up! Can you relate? I see this pattern as I start… Continue Reading →

The true path to weight loss is…

There are sooooo many paths to weight loss–some are lasting, some are fleeting–but the best path? That’s already inside you. Which weight loss paths have you chosen in the past? Counting points Counting calories Buying shakes Buying pre-made delivered meals… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pairing for Balanced Health–Both Inside AND Out…

The perfect balance to meet your needs–inside and out. It’s awesome when things come in pairs. It makes it easy to remember and easy to digest (no pun intended). 😉 Let’s start with the easiest: food. Our bodies function at… Continue Reading →

How to Stop “yo-yoing” and Finally Start Creating Lasting Change!

Practical tips and mindset shifts you need to make to finally stop the “yo-yo” weight loss cycle! Plus if you’d like more info on the 30 Day VIP Challenge #vip30 and the Fit+Faith VIP Membership options, click here! Early-bird discounts… Continue Reading →

God’s design –> going “against the grain”, taking the road less traveled

God’s design has always been going against the grain, against the majority, the road less taken. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:13-14: “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads… Continue Reading →

How the voice in your head is MAKING or BREAKING you

We’ve all head of self-talk, but how hard are you trying to put yours in check? And how are we REALLY supposed to change years of thoughts, input, ingrained sayings, family patterns, habits and messages from the world around us…how… Continue Reading →

Cha-cha-cha-CHIA! All natural, no sugar added, omega-3 loaded Chia Breakfast Pudding!

Chia seeds have become one of my most popular add-in’s in recent months. They’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which despite the name, helps to lower your body’s bad cholesterol levels and raise the good ones. Most people have heard… Continue Reading →

Black Friday Fit+Faith Bonus–4 Days Only!

I hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving yesterday. We are surrounded by things to be thankful for, especially living in the United States, but sometimes we need to take the time to take a step back to see… Continue Reading →

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