It sounds too good to be true right? It’s not!

Here’s Meghan’s story and what we did to get her that terrific result — with ease.

Grab your pen and paper to take notes — not only do I share the practical tips for what she did, but also the other factors at play that you must use for yourself to get stellar results. 😀



Watch the video for the full details, but here is the cliff-notes version:

The practical 5 things she did on a daily basis over 5 days:

  1. High protein breakfast (eggs or protein shake/smoothie)
  2. 100 oz. of water per day
  3. Small, healthy meals/snack 5-6x/day
  4. Exercise
  5. Veggies + Protein for lunch and dinner

But there were other things she did to ensure her success:

  • She had daily accountability (learn about my VIP group here)
  • She took daily action, even if it wasn’t perfect
  • Started focusing on the inner work — this means asking the tough questions like “Why is this important to me?” “What does it look and feel like when I reach my goal?” “What have my past patterns/cycles been?” “Why will this time be different?”
  • She didn’t give up! She tried again! — she didn’t let past failures stop her from trying again. Don’t cut yourself short when you could be one more try away from achieving your success!

So proud of this girl, but others in my 5 day challenge made their own success, great and small! ANY step you take toward your goals and self-improvement is something to be acknowledged and celebrated.

You are worth it!

~Dr. Melody

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