Ugh!! Why did I do that AGAIN?!? I’m so frustrated!

Why do we do continue to do things that make us feel icky inside and like a fat blob?!
I know I’m being a little graphic, but it’s the truth!! That’s how we feel and we call ourselves much worse in our own heads.

But we’re human. We go through ups and downs. We make mistakes and we also soar. We have big wins and deep losses. This is our game of life.

But in the end, the winner is one who learns to control her mind and gets quicker and quicker at picking herself up and moving in a positive direction without missing a beat.

I found myself frustrated at my recent lack of self-discipline and it was not only creating stagnation in my goals, but ultimately the physical effects were adding up to feeling tired, bloated, low energy, puffy eyes and just plain yucky on the inside.

The frustration I was feeling could lead to two outcomes:

  1. Continued downward spiral because I had already “lost”, or
  2. The catalyst to change my direction and be the reminder of what I’m wanting to move away from.

What choice should I choose?

What choice should you choose?

What choice will you choose?

Watch my live video about what brought me to this place, how I dealt with it, and what other ways you can prevent yourself from going down the same trap. Or even how to pull yourself out if you already feel stuck.

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~Dr. Melody

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