The Devil is on attack of your life EVERY DAY!

It hit me last night, after watching the movie War Room for the first time (great movie btw if you haven’t yet seen it!) that I have not been recognizing the Devil’s workings in my thoughts and in my heart because they’re so SUBTLE!

And that’s just the way he likes it!

Our brains are AMAZING. The most incredible creations on the face of the planet if you ask me. One of the many reasons I went into healthcare and got my Doctorate in physical therapy because I wanted to know all I could about our amazing bodies, and especially our brain.

But since we have free will and we have control of our minds, the Devil can find clever ways to begin to seep in and start chipping away at God’s truths and our thoughts around God in hopes of creating a divide and keeping us timid, scared and distrusting of God’s ability and intimacy that He wants to have with us.

NO MORE! I’m calling B.S. on the Devil!

He will NO LONGER convince me that I’m not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not capable enough, not special enough, that God is distant, can’t hear me, doesn’t care, wants to punish me, wants to hold back from me, doesn’t want to bless me. That’s he’s blinding me to see the beauty, the good, the grace, the mercy, the love, the humanity that’s all around me.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

It’s time for you to do the same.

Start digging into God’s word. His promises of love, provision, beauty, abundance, grace and mercy. Use God’s word for the tool that it is–to guard and protect and defend and repel the forces of darkness and the enemy from slithering his way into your mind, thoughts and actions.

Jesus has already defeated him on the cross! The battle is WON!

Will you claim it for yourself? Will you claim that truth over your life and no longer be a slave to negativity, pessimism, self-condemnation, guilt and shame? God has such beauty, love, life and joy for you, if you only would dispel the Devil’s influences over you and your family in Jesus’ name.

You can do it. And let me know when you do. I’d love to join with you and the angels in rejoicing victory that you’re reclaiming God’s reign in your heart and that you’ve cast the Devil out for good!!
Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

P.S. If you’re needing help and guidance in reclaiming your beautiful and joy-filled life, it’s my ultimate pleasure to be that avenue for you. Book a free strategy session with me and we’ll flesh out the areas that have been holding you back and give you options on how I might be able to help facilitate you stepping into the life you’ve been missing.