It’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and we’re running at break-neck speed all hours of the day and we barely have a second to stop and breath, let alone cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

That’s just supposed to go without saying, right? God knows we love Him, so even if we’re not outwardly praising Him every hour of the day, He still knows how we feel on the inside.

So it’s all good, right?

But what about when we start to get stressed, and life begins to overwhelm us.
Who or what do you turn to first?

Stop and think about that for a second, and be really honest with yourself.
It can be really easy to turn to 100 other sources before finally turning to God in our hour of need or desperation.

I know I’ve certainly done the same, so I wanted to share two quick points on how to find God in our daily lives.

  1. Make small changes to create quiet time on a daily basis.

    This can be as simple as not putting the radio or ipod on when you’re going to work. Instead, begin to take that commuting time as a special time to talk with God. Showing Him you want to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship by creating the time.

  2. Listen to that still, small, voice.

    Once you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior and the Holy Spirit comes to live in your heart, the communication is more like a heightened “intuition” or “conscience.” It’s a silly reference, but if you’ve ever watched Disney’s Pinocchio, then recall Jiminy Cricket’s song, “Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.” This actually is a great way to look at it! The Holy Spirit helps us to determine right from wrong, but you have to begin to listen to those inklings and inner “pullings” or “callings” and your confidence in trusting it will build your faith and your bond with God.

These simple changes, when made deliberately and regularly, can really begin to help you see God in your daily activities. You will begin to feel more confident that He has always been a part of your life, every day, if you just take the time to begin to recognize it. 🙂

Your Sister in Christ,