Discipline. Not a word we typically like. It conjures negative thoughts like hard work, time and effort, inconvenience, struggle.

But it is the key to your success.

Which successes, you ask? EVERY success.

And I’m learning this the hard way, believe me. But at least I’m learning. 😉

There are two things you need to have and embody in order to achieve your goals. And by goals, I mean ANY goal. Any dream. Any desire. Any pursuit. Any thing you’d like to create, be or have.

I’ve already given the first away: Discipline.

Can you guess the other? Take a second before you read on and truly think what other characteristic you think it could be….time? talent? knowledge? luck?


Discipline + Consistency = SUCCESS!

What I’ve found to be true in my life and the life of each of my patient’s a clients is that without these two components, success is only partly realized. They MUST go together.

“But they’re hard!” I know. Give yourself permission to throw a pity party for a second, then face the facts and own up to it. How do you stack up in these two areas right now?

>> Where are you practicing them well, and where do you need to improve?

It’s only when you’re able to do take stock in your own life and habits, and examine where change needs to take place–then begin implementing it–before you will ever see things change and fully achieve your goals.

I’ve realized for myself, being an entrepreneur and business owner for the past 5 years, that when I’ve made great strides and achieved great things in my personal and professional life, I’ve had both of these going at the same time. But when I allow one or both to slack off, they’re no longer in balance and the only thing that suffers is my results! My success. My satisfaction of reaping the rewards.

So why do we do it? Why do we not discipline ourselves enough to be consistent to the end?

So many reasons actually. But one of the big ones is self-sabotage. We’re wired innately in our brains for fight or flight –> survival. So as we’ve advanced in our society and no longer need to run and hunt wild animals or scavenge for food and resources, the instincts and wiring still remains. So now it tries to protect us from other “perceived threats” such as success, public exposure, visibility, even joy and true happiness. Because in the subconscious mind’s eye these things each bring with them the unknown.

And unknown = bad.

So fear sets in. Doubt. Self-limiting beliefs. Negative self talk. All kinds of creative ways the mind tries to thwart your efforts. Because you are daring to enter the unknown! How dare you! How risky and dangerous!

But let’s open our eyes to understanding our wiring, and that it no longer needs to protect us. We can reassure our mind that we are knowingly entering in to uncharted territory. We can tell our brain that it’s ok and that it’s protection strategies are actually hindering, not helping.

When you begin to speak to yourself–audibly, through writing and silently in your mind–you chip away at the fear. The limitations. The lies that say you don’t know what you are doing. And even if you really don’t know what you are doing, you can reassure your mind that you are moving forward intentionally anyway.

Sometimes we just need to have a heart to heart with ourselves!

I encourage you today to begin the “inner work.” The work on self. The work that in the end will unlock all of your potential, your dreams, your goals will be realized and your soul will be set free.

But you have to put in the time…consistently. You have to work toward your goals…consistently. You have to move past the fear…consistently. You have to have a dedicated and disciplined mindset. You have to put the systems and strategies in place to allow discipline to become second nature.

If you’re confused about your lack of progress or you’ve tried and failed too many times to count, I guarantee you it was because either (or both) discipline and consistency were lacking or not in balance.

But now that you know the problem, you can make NEXT TIME the right time. And the time after that, and after that, and after that…consistently enough that you will have NO CHOICE but to succeed.

I’m cheering you on!

~Dr. Melody

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