I absolutely love this quote by Maya Angelou, but I’d like to add one more thing from my experience today: 4) Being in a fender bender.

The lady who backed into me was so apologetic and kept saying, “Thank you so much for not yelling at me!”

Wait a second. …..WHAT??!

You’re very welcome for not yelling at you, but I wasn’t even angry or upset! Why would I be? That’s why it’s called an ACCIDENT. …..and we’ve ALL been on the other end of the coin and would WE have liked being yelled at? No!

So I pose this question to you: When something unexpected happens that you didn’t have control over, what is your first initial gut reaction?

Anger? Frustration? Indignation? Fury?

Because what is lying under the surface says A LOT about the status of your soul.

Is it at rest, not to be easily rattled, or is it bubbling with dissatisfaction, ready to unleash against anything or anyone at the next opportunity?

9 times out of 10, were you really that angry at that person about that situation? Or are you willing to look deeper to see if your feelings are misplaced about some heart issues that have been lying dormant, not being tended to. ‪#‎thetruthcanhurt‬

It’s amazing the peace we can have, amidst almost ANY situation, if we deal with the deeper issues our past, our brokenness, our hurts and our pain. Putting them into the light, bringing them up to the surface to be properly dealt with, seen and released.
Asking for God’s help to heal the cracks and mend the tears.

Finally letting our soul be free.

Seeing day-to-day situations as they SHOULD be, not blown out of proportion and misdirected. Turn the mirror on yourself and be brave enough to begin the healing. ♡