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There are sooooo many paths to weight loss–some are lasting, some are fleeting–but the best path? That’s already inside you.

Which weight loss paths have you chosen in the past?

  • Counting points
  • Counting calories
  • Buying shakes
  • Buying pre-made delivered meals
  • Using a special diet pill
  • Taking weight loss drops
  • Drinking salt water (yup, that’s a “thing”)
  • Juicing-only diet
  • Green smoothies
  • Sugar and carb-free diets

The list can go on and on and ooooonnnnn……so which ones are the best? Which really work? Which should I completely avoid? There’s something almost all of these “diet fads” are missing. It’s not nearly as important as what you do, it’s are you listening to your body?

In short, are you tuned in to your intuition?

Weight loss and developing a healthier lifestyle can take a little getting used to, but once the basics are down and have become routine (whole foods, not processed, grass-fed and organic meats, little to no dairy, limited or gluten-free bread, limited to no added sugar, lots of water etc.) the next step is letting your body’s intuition guide you.

We’ve become so programmed (especially in 1st world countries that are full of food ABUNDANCE) to not listen to our bodies, and instead eat almost constantly! Or we’re so busy we don’t eat at all during the day, so when we do have a second to eat it’s a rash decision drive-through option (aka NOT great for your health and packs on the pounds).

What you need to understand is God has programmed our bodies all along to give us the signals when it’s ready to eat–but we hardly listen any more. We barely even know what that feels like to truly be hungry–to wait for our tummies to growl before we stuff more food down our gut. So no wonder we’re carrying around more pounds than we should be. :/

>> Final thought: I encourage you today to test yourself over the next few days to literally only eat when your tummy physically growls at you–and when it does, feed it whole food–something coming from the earth, not out of a bag, package or box. Watch the weight start to fall off as you tune into your body and turn back to nature’s food–the way God intended all along. 😉

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

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