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Has that ever happened to you? Being asked if you were pregnant when you’re not? It’s not a great experience.
But this time was different…

The best way to share with you the full scoop is to give you access to the video I made on YouTube.

I was shocked by my initial response, so you probably will be too.  Check out the video below:


I hope you watched it, because it’s a great story. But what’s even better is the ACTION I took right afterward.

Seeing as how in the video I talk about how I had lost 11 pounds over the past few months and feeling super great about my progress, I had already been thinking it’s to start shopping for new clothes, and even thinking of getting some of my favorite tops (like the one I’m wearing in the video) to get taken in at the tailor.

And I did. The very next day.

Just picked ’em up today in fact! They all fit SOOOO much better than before, and even though they’re meant to be a little flowy and loose, now they fit me just perfectly and there will be NO confusion anymore if I’m pregnant or not! Lol

And I didn’t just get them taken in because of what happened. I had already been thinking about it before that happened. I got them taken in to feel better in my own clothes and about myself and to celebrate my progress.

There’s a big difference there. 😉

>>Final thought: Regardless if you find yourself in the somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable situation I did, don’t let other people’s comments or opinions get you down. If you’re unhappy with your body, and think their comments may have been justified, then start taking action in the direction you’d like to see your body be.

But that should be purely initiated by YOU, not by what others think or how they make you feel. God created you and says you’re beautiful. He does not make mistakes.

Your sister in Christ,
~Dr. Melody

P.S. Here’s the link I mention in the video if you’re ready for support, community and accountability as you move through your health or weight loss goals.
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